A torrent index archiving, browsing, and backup tool

BitCannon? Torrent index?? Archives???

When ThePirateBay went down, most people had no choice but to switch to other sites or use a pirate bay proxy despite the existence of publicly available backups. The main reason for this is that the backups were never meant to be usable on their own. This is why BitCannon was created. BitCannon will import the archives from sites like Kickass and Demonoid and present them to you in a searchable, browseable format with a clean web interface.

A secondary goal of BitCannon is to encourage people to download these backups, so that no matter how many torrent sites are taken down, the data is in as many hands as possible.

User friendly

The #1 priority of BitCannon is to be as user friendly and easy to use as possible. I will sometimes delay more advanced features to prioritize simplifying the install or user experience.

Open Source

Because BitCannon is open source, you are free to view it's source code and modify your copy as much as you want. This allows you the freedom to customize BitCannon to fit your needs.

MIT Licensed

BitCannon is licensed under the MIT license, which allows you to modify, redistribute, and even use BitCannon commercially, given that the copyright notice is intact.


*Torrent archives are not bundled but auto downloaded when BitCannon starts.
You may choose to manually download and import if you wish.
See the wiki for details.


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Get Started


The first step to using BitCannon is installing MongoDB. MongoDB is used as a high performance data store which allows us to quickly perform full text searches on large numbers of torrents.

Due to feedback that installing MongoDB is annoying, I am working on switching to an embedded database which is my highest priority.

The general procedure is as follows:

  • Download and install MongoDB from the MongoDB download page.
  • Create the /data/db folder if necessary
  • Start MongoDB


Now we download BitCannon

  • Download and unzip the latest release of BitCannon. Check the releases page to get the Mega link
  • Open up the extracted files and run the executable for your system.
  • Open up your browser and navigate to

If you see the BitCannon interface, everything is working!

Full Documentation

For detailed instructions and trouhbleshooting tips, see the full documentation on GitHub.

More on GitHub

And here's a video of me setting it up...


BitCannon is developed under the MIT License. This means you can:

  • Use BitCannon free of charge in non-commercial AND commercial settings
  • Modify BitCannon as you wish to fit your needs
  • Rebrand BitCannon as you please, excluding removing the footer copyright
  • Charge money for or sell BitCannon as a product or service

This also means that you may not do 3 things:

  • Blame me or any BitCannon developers for anything that goes wrong
  • Remove the copyright notice from the bottom of the web app
  • Redistribute BitCannon without a copy of the license

BitCannon is 100% FREE under the MIT License

If you are feeling generous and want to show your support, you can throw a few bits my way



Feel free to drop me a line

If you encounter any bugs, please report them on the GitHub Issues List.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions or ideas.